Welcome to Hypersalinity!  Saltier is better, up to a point of course.  All of my scientific research and most of my coastal recreational activity centers on the saltier than the ocean coastal bays of extreme South Texas.  Now that I am up in the land of true estuaries, which is just polite language for watered down seawater, Hypersaline.net will keep me associated with all of the diversty that comes with a little extra salt.  This site is my multifaceted interface with students, colleagues, friends and business associates.  It involves interests as relevant as climate change or test dates and as esoteric as the best spice mix for a crab boil.  Much of the material here is associated with the marine realm as that is my primary area of expertise although there will be plenty of information on terrestrial topics and musings on education, baseball, society and whatever else happens to catch my attention.  Enter the site and explore recipe archives, blog rants, helpful hints for getting into the university of your dreams or just meander through my scientific and popular press publications.  I am really glad that you visited and I certainly hope that you enjoy your stay.